The Beginners Guide To Books (Finding The Starting Point)

Book Writing Tips to Finish a Novel in 30 Days

Maybe it’s the perfect time to take on that lifelong dream of yours, the one you keep tucked away at the back of your mind? The dream that you’d hope to start whenever you found time in between projects, classes and work. Book writing could seriously become a daunting and overwhelming task, don’t fret because almost all writers go through those feelings so these tips may help you out.

1. Enjoy yourself

When the writing process is something you’re looking forward to doing then there’s a higher chance of actually starting the book. At this stage you won’t realize how much of the joy you felt shines through to the readers. As the saying goes life is short and the time that all of us has to write is a much shorter; don’t waste that time on a project that doesn’t bring you joy.

2. Learn More About Yourself

In case it’s unenjoyable in the end, that’s quite alright. Consider what you’re trying to discover in writing a novel or embarking in any project; when you’re longing for podcasts and sitcoms then maybe reconsider the project. Either writing the book wasn’t as appealing as you expected or the subject isn’t engaging.

3. Exercise

Whichever way you look at it, writing is a motionless activity no matter what kind of desk is used. A lot more focus goes into writing after you’ve worked out for a bit; those that prefer writing in the morning can opt to work out in the afternoon. Take note that this will be a long term practice, an activity that goes beyond the completion of the book.

4. Keep the Appeal Going

In order to keep the ideas and the magic going, be sure you write every day or at least edit what you wrote the day before. The reason behind this is to keep the writer engaged, more than 48 hours away from the project and they’ll likely lose interest.

5. Settle Even for the Smallest Windows

Thinking that 30 minutes a day isn’t enough for writing will get you nowhere. Work with whatever amount of time you can spare, in a couple of weeks the minutes and hours will add up.

6. Don’t Forget to Socialize

Just because you’re concentrating on a book doesn’t mean you automatically become a hermit. A considerable part of becoming a novelist or book writer is understanding basic human behavior and speak which you can’t do when you’re isolated.

7. Totally Embrace Your Day Job

Quite a number of things are more difficult that writing and one of which is writing as you constantly worry about your business or when money will come in. Never consider your day job as an obligation coming in second to your craft.

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